Assurance Health Services, Inc. FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I qualify for services?


A: Any person 21 or older requiring assistance with activities of daily living. Specific needs will be determined during an initial assessment by a Registered Nurse.


Q: What are “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs)?


A: ADLs refer to basic needs such as bathing, grooming, dressing. Meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, taking medications and safety issues are also necessary services for successful independence at home.

Q: Will my Doctor know I’m receiving the assistance?

A: As required, your Doctor will review a Plan of Care developed by the RN.

Q: How will Assurance Health Services, Inc. know that a Medicaid Client needs services?

A: If you are a Medicaid client, referrals are made directly from your Physician to Liberty Healthcare at 919-322-5944 or 855-740-1400. Liberty Healthcare will send the RN Assessor to determine your needs. At that time, notify the RN that you are choosing Assurance Health Services, Inc. as your provider.

Q. How will Assurance Health Services, Inc. know that a Private-Pay/Long Term Care Insurance Client needs services?

A: If you are a private paying client or using Long Term Care Insurance, please call our office directly at 919-571-9177. Ask for the RN Supervisor.

Q: How much time will the Home Care Aide spend with me?

A: Time allowed will be determined by the RN during the initial assessment. Caregiver needs will be considered.

Q: Will the Home Care Aide give me my medication and insulin injections?

A: The Home Care Aide will remind you to take medication. The client or a family member must prepare the medication dosage because the Home Care Aide is not allowed to take medication from the prescription bottle. This is also true with the insulin injection. The Aide may remind the client to take the insulin but is not allowed to administer it. If the client is unable, a family member may perform this task.